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Optimize your patients' brain health today

BrainHealth is a place to refer your patients who have concerns about or are at risk for cognitive decline. We offer a comprehensive patient journey including neurologist-designed brain health education, lifestyle change coaching, validated biomarker testing, information about clinical trials and newly approved treatments, and appropriate referrals to brain health specialists.



We always keep you in the loop. We work with your clinical practice to communicate your patient’s cognitive health status and recommendations back to you.*

*provided patient has consented for communication 

We've operationalized evidence- based research into a one-stop shop for brain health

The ground-breaking two-year FINGERS trial (NCT01041989) demonstrated that improving lifestyle intervention factors (diet, exercise, cognitive training, vascular risk monitoring, and social stimulation) can slow cognitive decline and even improve performance in general cognition and various specific cognitive domains in people at risk of dementia.

After two years, lifestyle intervention showed significant beneficial effects, including lower risk of cognitive decline.



source: WW Fingers 

Improvements included:
25% Overall cognition

40% Memory function

150% Processing speed

83% Executive function

-60% Other chronic diseases
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Patients who are at risk for or who have neurodegenerative conditions engage in healthier habits with support in between office visits. BrainHealth’s easy online tools and team of Educators help your patients take control of and maintain their cognitive wellness.


Membership Includes:

Initial Membership includes APOE genetic test with follow-up consultation, customized Smart Plan, and ongoing lifestyle education and coaching for $125. Ongoing membership billed at $29/month. Cancel anytime.   

Risk Factor Review + Consultation
An in-depth risk factor review and video consultation with a BrainHealth Educator will help answer patients’ questions and determine their individual goals and needs.
Personalized Smart Plan
Backed by clinical research, our BrainHealth Educator will recommend a Smart Plan of targeted lifestyle interventions—e.g., diet, sleep, and exercise initiatives—designed specifically for your patient.
Ongoing Support
With our well-paced curriculum, digital tracking tools, and unlimited in-app access to BrainHealth Educators, patients receive regular guidance and encouragement in meeting goals.
Referrals to Specialists + Recommendations
BrainHealth will refer patients to relevant clinical research trials, brain health specialists, further testing, and other resources in their geographic area, as appropriate. 

Your patients will also receive optional access to:

Biomarker Testing
Blood-based biomarkers measure amyloid status, as well as lifestyle and exercise-based metrics, for tracking over time.
Preserving and storing blood plasma samples allows for future testing for cognitive health or other health concerns.
Cognitive Assessment
These tests help clinicians evaluate memory, judgment, multi-tasking, and other metrics. We work with evidence-based cognitive test partners that offer digital tests in the privacy of your patient's home. 
Specialist Consults
We provide the optional opportunity to meet with a neurologist, psychiatrist, or geriatrician for chart review or peer-to-peer consults

Support & Accountability

Working in tandem with our series of upbeat health and wellness mini-lessons, BrainHealth Educators guide patients in setting realistic diet, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle goals that are known to benefit cognitive health. Personalized plans meet patients where they are, taking into account willingness and ability to make changes, and providing one-on-one support and accountability in meeting goals.

Even small lifestyle changes matter, and, if undertaken thoughtfully, they often grow into big ones that can slow or prevent cognitive decline. We know that clinicians want patients to pursue wellness initiatives—that's where we come in, helping your patients to set and realize goals between their clinical visits. 


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Can my patients pay with insurance? At this time, BrainHealth is not covered by insurance. BrainHealth is direct-to-consumer, which means our users have the flexibility to choose the plans and products that work best for them without needing authorization from their insurance company or a prescription from their provider. 
Is BrainHealth eligible for HSA/FSA? BrainHealth is eligible for coverage by HSA/FSA benefits under some insurance plans. It is important that patients check with their insurance provider to verify.
How is this different than telling my patients about the Alzheimer’s Association? BrainHealth has operationalized evidence-based research into a one-stop shop for brain health. In addition to education, we provide customized Smart Plans that guide your patient through lifestyle changes to improve their brain health. We also offer biomarker blood testing and referrals to specialists and appropriate clinical trials.
What kind of patients should I refer to you? BrainHealth offers programs for those at risk or in the early stages of cognitive decline. 
Will some patients not qualify? During the risk assessment we may determine that a patient needs immediate medical intervention, or that their dementia is too advanced for participation in a lifestyle Smart Plan. If appropriate, we will refer a patient to a specialist.
What's BrainHealth's mission? Our mission is to provide actionable science-based programs and support for those at risk or in the early stages of Alzheimer's or other forms of cognitive impairment. We want to improve the cognitive outlook for millions of people, allowing them to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.